sabar poetry in urdu – sabar quotes in urdu

read sabar poetry in Urdu and sabar quotes in Urdu. sabar is an Urdu word meaning patience, tolerance, or calmness. This is human behavior. In Urdu poetry, sabar is about the patience of a lover. There is a relation between ashiq(lover) and mashoq(beloved). In this blog, you can read amazing poetry about sabar.

بھُلا دیں گے تُم کو بھی ذرا صبر تو کرو

رگ رَگ میں بسے ہو ، تھوڑا وقت تو لگے گا

bhula dain gaiy tum ko bhi zara sabar tu karo

rag rag main basay ho, thorra waqt tu lagay ga

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