fatigue meaning in Urdu – fatigue synonyms

In this blog, you can read about “fatigue meaning in Urdu”. This will increase one Urdu word in your dictionary of learning this language. In Urdu, there is more than one meaning of a word.  Learning the Urdu language from English will help you use more than one alternate word.

Language and community

In the digital mechanical community, learning a new language and the ability to communicate in a different language is of great importance. Those entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers who deal with their clients of patients in their native language are likely to be more successful than those who communicate in one common language. In addition, a person who learns new languages has the ability to make better decisions in life. It raises your IQ because when you are struggling to translate words from one language to another. Your mind works very fast in recalling words. Thus it boosts your memory and mental ability. Learning a new language makes you creative in skills. An attractive candidate for a job. And it also helps you while you are traveling around the world.

fatigue meaning in urdu

This is a French word, originated from fatiguer to fatigue, firstly used in 1693. In Urdu pronounced as “ Thakawat”.  “تھکاوٹ”. Grammar is a noun. It is used to describe physical tiredness.

Fatigue synonyms in Urdu

Synonyms of Fatigue which are following:

In roman Urduurdu
Uktaya huwaاکتایا ہوا

Fatigue synonyms in English

  • Tiredness
  •  Exhaustion
  •  Drowsiness
  •  Fag
  •  Jade
  •  Chores
  •  donkey work
  •  Toil
  •  Labour
  •  Grind
  •  Chores
  •  Drudgery
  •  weariness

Types of fatigue

physical fatigue: It is like illness, weakness, exhausation. This type of exhausation occures when someone is sick.

mental fatigue: This type includes daily office work overload, stress, lack of sleep. Office work needs to seek attention, and when someone is very busy in office work then he may feel such stress.

Transient fatigue: This type is temporary. Someone can feel it after a long journey.

Cumulative fatigue: It is due to awakeness. Human beings need to sleep. When they work hard and prefer not to sleep then they got such exhaustion.

thakan and urdu poetry

Urdu poetry is an excellent way of expressing feelings of love, hate or tiredness. In the following verse you will understand fatigue meaning in Urdu in a better way:

umer ka bojh hai thakawat hai
umer ka bojh hai thakawat hai

کُچھ تقاضے ہیں کُچھ اُدھاری ہے

عُمر کا بوجھ ہے تھکاوٹ ہَے

kuch taqazay haan kuch udhari hai

umer ka bojh hai thakawat hai

thakan ka bojh badan say utartay haan hamm
thakan ka bojh badan say utartay haan hamm

تھَکن کا بوجھ بَدن سَے اُتَارتے ہیں ہَم

یہ شَام اَور کَہیں پَر گُزارتے ہَیں ہَم

thakan ka bojh badan say utartay haan hamm

yeh sham aur kahin par guzartay haan haam

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