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ilm mein bhi suroor hai lekin yeh wo jannat ha

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عِلم میں بھی سرور ہے لیکن

یہ وہ جینّت ہے جِس میں حوّر نہیں

ilm mein bhi suroor lekin

yeh wo jannat ha jis main hoor nahi

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In this verse (sher) Poet discussing “knowledge”. This verse is a good example of educational poetry. No doubt, if you have Knowledge of anything or subject then you have no need more. Secondly, the poet made a relation between knowledge and heaven. Everyone who has a belief in heaven, wish to have gone or toured there. Actually human beings always wish to go for a good one. And here Allama Iqbal suggests for the shortest way to go to heaven. And that is to “GET KNOWLEDGE

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