Best Urdu poetry in 2024 – اُردو شاعری

Human beings have feelings and emotions. when they show their sentiments in the language of words, it is known as poetry. In the east, Pakistan and India, it is very common to say as urdu poetry(اُردو شاعری). if you want to read the best poetry in urdu, then you are on the right page.

Types of Urdu poetry

There are many types of poetry, and which are very popular these days. Among these types, we can find that the best poetry in Urdu is the most popular in the east. Compared to other types of poetry, poets are a great priority even today. Poetry is a way of expressing emotions, so people like different types of  best poetry urdu like,

  1. Romantic poetry
  2. sad poetry
  3. Friendship poetry
  4. Attitude poetry
  5. birthday poetry
  6. funny poetry
  7. 2 lines poetry in urdu
  8. Event poetry like eid, religious events, marriage, parties

Urdu Shayari – اُردو شاعری

                Reading literature in verses is also called urdu Shayari (اُردو شاعری) which is very popular all around in Pakistan and India.

کٌچھ الفاظ کی ترتیب سے بنتی ہے شاعری

کٌچھ چہرے بھی غزل ہٌوا کرتے ہیں

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. People speak in urdu and can read urdu as well. There are many famous poets who have magnificent poetry in urdu. Individuals like to listen to poetry in parties and gathering functions. In sub-continent peoples arrange functions to listen to poets. It is in history that rulers, wealthier and even poor peoples arrange celebrations, and invites poets to listen to Shayari in urdu or their regional languages. Authors also feel very happy to present their poems or verses. Peoples clape on their good presentation. Awesome Shayari like romantic poetry is an excellent way to get admiration from the audience.

Famous poet in urdu poetry – 20 best urdu poets

                There are some very featured names of poet in urdu, which get very famous for their poetry.

1. Allama Iqbal

2. Mir Taqi Mir

3. Mirza Ghalib

4. Khwaja-Mir-Derd

5. Perveen Shakir

6. Jaun Elia

7. Dagh dehlvi

8. Ahmed faraz

9. Faiz ahmed Faiz

10. Ahmed mushtaq

11. jigar muradabadi

12. Mohsin naqvi

13. Momin khan momin

14. Rahat indori

15. Wasi shah

16. sagar siddiqui

17. Amjad islam amjad

18. Qateel shifai

19. Gulzar

20. Nasir kazmi

All these poets are also very well. Allama Iqbal poetry is very well known in Pakistan and he is Pakistan’s National poet.

famous poets of pakistan-urdu poetry – best urdu poets

Khwaja Mir Derd poetry and Mirza Ghalib poetry are in the school syllabus also. Their Shayari never vanish from individuals’ hearts because their presented material is emotional and extremely sentimental, which touches hearts and souls. Best Urdu poetry by such mentors is highly appreciatable. Shayari on romance is a very common topic among them and public likes and appreciates such deeply immersed passion. A community like their social awareness poetry also, such as feudalism, poverty, slavery system. The public is very depressed in their regions about social and cultural issues. When writers high lights such problems then they get fame.

Poets and Human emotions

                Poets can feel in a very different way rather than other humans. So amazingly this is their uniqueness in society. A normal person can not express and write emotions like a poet. When a versifier shows love in words, it gets a deep touch on the mood of the listener or reader. The reader feels pleasure. That’s also about sad feelings.

With the passage of time human life is very busy and behavior changes in society. Everyone has no time to gossip. They absolutely wish to read the least instead of a large one. Peoples especially the young generation wants to spend their time on social media. They wish to see only one picture against a three-hour movie. They show their feelings, just to send a picture of an image on WhatsApp or Facebook. Poets observe and write a big story in just 2 lines or in the form of a poem. So at the last, finally 2 lines of Urdu poetry is an excellent way to read poetry.

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